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There is No Such Thing as a Standard ERP Project

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Regardless of claims to the contrary, there is no such thing as a static, repeatable “standard” ERP project.  While there are similarities and best practices that can be applied, every project differs on both a business and a human level.  On the business level, every company’s specific needs, stage of growth, pace of change, and circumstances differ even within the same industry segment (just as their business strategies differ).  On a human level, every project sponsor, project manager, and key stakeholder’s temperament, familiarity with ERP solutions, skill set, aptitude, and expectations differ, along with the organization’s collective willingness and capacity to change.  Considering all these factors, the need for well-defined and understood expectations on the implementation approach upfront is paramount.  It also warrants spending the time needed to review each vendor’s implementation approach and assumptions to ensure their “standard” approach really does meet your needs.

This post is an excerpt from the recently published ebook “Insider’s Guide to Evaluating a New ERP System” by Tim Hourigan. Download a free copy to read the full article. Tim is a Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Practice Lead at Armanino McKenna, a Gold Certified Partner specializing in ERP implementations of Microsoft Dynamics AX and GP in Oregon, Washington, and California.

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