Two Quick Productivity Tricks in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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It’s natural to leave many settings in Microsoft Dynamics GP as is. This is especially true in “high traffic” areas that we pass through every day. I’m talking about menu and navigation links that are often kept at their default settings. Many users are surprised to learn that they can change the “Quick Links” area on the Home page of Dynamics GP and the buttons on the menu bar.

First, let’s work with Quick Links .You’re probably greeted by a list of links to MS Dynamics GP functions involving Purchase Orders or Receipts/Invoices, having left these to the original configuration. But if you hover over the menu link of Quick Links and click on the Pencil icon, you can change not only the order of the Quick Link list but even add new links.

Once you’ve brought up the edit window, you’re free to re-order the list by using the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons. To add a new function, click on the bottom add button, which drops down a menu for linking to Microsoft GP functions, Web pages, and even external applications. This last feature will be an especially powerful time-saver for organizations that need to access Microsoft Dynamics GP along with other IT systems.

The second productivity booster lets you change the navigation bar at the top of the Dynamics GP window. The default settings typically include buttons titled “Microsoft Dynamics GP”, “Transactions”, “Inquiry”, and “Reports”. But right-clicking on the menu bar brings up a dialog box that lets you add buttons for other GP areas such as “Purchasing”, “Inventory”, and “Manufacturing”.

And even better, you can change existing sub-menus by selecting Customize. If you then click on “Main”, you’re free to modify entries under the standard “Microsoft Dynamics GP”, “Transactions”, and “Inquiry” buttons so that it better reflects your organization’s work patterns.

Interested in learning more Dynamics GP tips, contact us for more Microsoft Dynamics GP help. Our consultants are available to help you improve your GP skills.

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