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What’s all the “Yammer” about Microsoft’s new acquisition?

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What does $1.2 billion get you these days?  That’s what Microsoft’s latest purchase, “Yammer”, cost the company – and if you are like me, you are interested to  know what Microsoft intends on doing with this newly acquired product.  Last year I was lucky enough to see for myself what $1.1 billion was able to achieve.  No, not of my own money!  I attended a College Football game at Jerry Jones’ Dallas Football stadium, and saw for myself how marble topped bathroom sinks, seemingly hundreds of food vendors, and 160 foot big screen TV for instant replays can really make a difference while enjoying a sporting event!  But I digress, let’s get back to “Yammer”.


In case Yammer is new to you, here is a quick explanation of the product.  Yammer brings the power of social networking to businesses in a private and secure cloud environment. Yammer is as easy to use as great consumer software like Facebook and Twitter, but is designed for company collaboration, file sharing, knowledge exchange and team efficiency.  You can access Yammer anywhere from an internet connection.  You can also view and interact with Yammer content within other business applications – such as Sharepoint – using API Integrations.


According to Microsoft’s Office Division President, Kurt DelBene, during the acquisition press conference, they have their eyes set on integrating with their current products.  Delbene says, “Over time, I see opportunity for exciting new scenarios by adding Yammer’s stand-alone service alongside and integrated into our collaboration offerings with SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics and Skype. I picture people being able to use Yammer to manage and expand their professional relationships, share and collaborate on Office documents, stay informed about content updates, and to seamlessly move from status updates and feeds into voice and video conversations.”


So although Microsoft hasn’t revealed the full details of their plan, we can expect that Microsoft will do what they have done with previous business component acquisitions that are similar in nature, like:


  1. Use Yammer to help move executives and project collaborators to the Cloud.  Since it can be accessed via the internet, it will be easier to work with others on a team to share ideas, strategies, and statuses of an ongoing project.
  2. Integrate Sharepoint workspaces and open up the documents and file systems easier, without having to create huge IT infrastructures.  For the accounting world, this could mean groundbreaking integrations to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP (GP) products, to be able to disburse, approve, or simply share financial data with approved users much easier.
  3. Take advantage of the “Freenium” Business Model in which users can use the base product and features for free while they begin to understand how much easier the teamwork with happen, and then expand to the premium priced options of the product.



Whatever the case, the Microsoft Partner Channel is excited for the near future, with the Microsoft Surface tablet, Yammer software, and existing products like Skype, Dynamics, and Office 365 taking us to levels of collaboration we have only seen on cartoons like the Jetsons and Megamind.  Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics partners, like Collins Computing, are able to keep up with these fast-paced advancements through the relationships we have continued to nuture while being part of the Microsoft Channel over the last two decades.  By remaining on Partner Advisory Committees, attending partner and customer briefings, and being members of the Dynamics Communities, Collins Computing receives insight, training, and specifics of the plans from Microsoft’s development teams on a regular basis.


Contact Collins Computing so your business can take advantage of the technological achievements available to growing businesses to help them empower their employees with the latest stats, figures, and analytical analysis, while allowing the work force to process the orders, invoices, and products with ease.


By Abra Gilman, Collins Computing, Inc.  Count on Collins, Count on Success


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